House Magazine, Review by Alistair Cooke, Baron Lexden, OBE

The Daily Telegraph, Review by Tessa Dunlop

The Times, Review by Adrian Tinniswood

The Times, Review by Erica Wagner

The Daily Mail, Most Compelling History Books of 2023 by Tony Rennell

The Literary Anthropologist, Review by Eric Dupree


Wednesday, April 3rd, 12pm (In-Person)
Edwardian Britain with Jane Tippett and Martin Williams Charleston Library Society, Charleston SC

Thursday, April 4th, 12pm (In-Person, Private)
Edwardian Britain The Colony Club, NY

Friday, April 12th, 4:15pm (Online)
Once A King: The Lost Memoir of Edward VIII American Ancestors

Saturday, April 20th, 12:30pm (In-Person)
Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA

Tuesday, May 14th (In Person)
Oldie Literary Lunch National Liberal Club, London UK

Tuesday, May 14th (In-Person)
Royalty & The Researcher Hatchards, London UK

History Nerds United, History Nerds United.

History, Memory and Truth: The Case of the Duke of Windsor, Imperial College Centre for Languages, Culture & Communication (London).

Royally Obsessed, An Examination of Edward VIII by Jane Marguerite Tippett

Break Out Culture with Ed Vaizey & Charlotte Metcalf, Edward VIII Reassessed with Jane Marguerite Tippett

ABC Listen, From King Edward VIII to the Duke of Windsor: Revealing Memoirs Revealed